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Patricia Ranaivosoa
Patricia Ranaivosoa

31 January 2024

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The Hybrid Work Observatory is back! This new edition will be open from February 1st to April 15th, 2024.

Measuring Organizations' Adaptation to Hybrid Work

In 2022, we launched a new biennial Observatory: the Hybrid Work and Digital Management Observatory. This study was born out of a desire to analyze the evolution of work environments.

The objective of this study is to monitor changes in the work environment on two fronts:

  • The technological aspect addresses the digital tools made available within organizations to facilitate hybrid work.
  • The human aspect addresses the evolution of management in the digital age and the change management associated with these transformations.


The conclusions of the 2022 edition revealed that agile managers and the provision of suitable digital tools were essential ingredients for hybrid work. They also revealed that:

  • The hybridization of work is an opportunity to develop employee autonomy and trust in teams.
  • Managers are digitally literate but still have limited familiarity with digital management.
  • There is no going back: hybridization has become a part of company life.
  • Telecommuting is still often treated as a remote version of on-site work.
  • The drivers of these digitalization projects are most often the General Management and the IT Department (the enforcers).


This year, the Hybrid Work Observatory is back! How will these trends evolve? To find out, take the 2024 survey.

2024 Edition: Hybrid... and Augmented Work

If the 2022 edition of the Hybrid Work Observatory focused on digital management, this new edition of the Hybrid Work Observatory embarks a new theme: generative AI.

Indeed, we view "hybrid work" as a disruption linked to the sharing between remote and in-person work, but we also consider AI as a form of work hybridization.

Since the beginning of 2023, with the availability of generative AI tools to everyone, this new resource comes to shake up the balance of the working world. The deployment of generative AI forces organizations to question work modalities, and the respective roles of managers and employees. For those who know how to prompt, it allows to speed up, to disregard tedious tasks and learn to work with a new tool.

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  • the stage of deployment of generative AI tools in organizations
  • the professional uses of generative AI 
  • the measures implemented to support employees in using generative AI
  • the organizations' perspectives on generative AI

How to participate in the Hybrid & Augmented Work Observatory?

The online questionnaire of the Observatory of Hybrid & Augmented Work consists of about thirty questions. It is aimed at all professionals, managers or not, whether they practice teleworking or not.

The online survey will be accessible from February 1st to April 15th, 2024. It is available in French and in English.


Ten minutes are enough to answer it and to:

  • identify avenues to adapt and rethink the individual and collective practices of one's organization
  • share one's experience and contribute to shaping the future of work hybridization
  • discover, by the end of May, the trends that will drive change in organizations in the coming years


In addition to the online survey, about ten individual interviews are planned with a sample of expert profiles.

In the 2022 edition, we were able to capture the perspectives of a very diverse range of profiles on the world of work: teacher, researcher, manager, HRD, Communications Director, consultant, executive...

And what if this year you also shared your point of view and experiences on the topic of AI and hybrid work?

Leave us your contact details, a member of our team will get back to you for a 30-minute exchange !

Arctus studies

For over 20 years, Arctus has been conducting studies to analyze internal digital transformation trends and assist decision-makers and project leaders in the evolution of their organizations.


Sharing experiences and cross-pollinating perspectives are important to us. In this regard, we publish annual prospective studies on the 'future of work' and the digital work environment. 


Our historic survey is the Intranet Observatory, which has been in existence since 1999. It analyzes trends in internal digital practices within workplaces. The 2023 edition of the Intranet Observatory, focused on the theme of Digital Communication, illustrates the digital maturity of organizations based on the level of equipment and use of internal digital tools.


We also conduct custom surveys (observatories, barometers...) to measure your employees' digital maturity level, their usage, their perception of digital, and its impacts on their organization.

Would you like to discuss such a project? Please feel free to contact us..

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