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Isabelle Houdaille
Isabelle Houdaille

18 October 2023

We've started a series of three articles dedicated to corporate intranets, in which you'll discover practical solutions for optimizing your internal communications and gaining impact with your intranet.

As a reminder, this series will cover:

  • the organization and management of your intranet, placing content at the heart of your strategy
  • Choosing engaging content formats to capture your readers' attention
  • setting up an appropriate contributions model

In this second article, we look at the formats that engage and how to choose them to enhance your content.

Format diversity: a way to keep readers engaged

The level of interest and attention on the intranet can vary, as we have read in this article,based on the nature of the content and its relevance to the user, as well as the context in which it is consulted.


However, information presentation, format and quality also play an important role. On the other hand, and this is what the 2023 Intranet & internal communication Observatory conducted by Arctus, the key to satisfaction lies not in a specific format, but in the diversity of formats on offer.

However, information presentation, format and quality also play an important role. On the other hand, as revealed by the Observatoire de l'Intranet & du Digital interne 2023 conducted by Arctus, the key to satisfaction lies not in a specific format, but in the diversity of formats on offer.

A quick analysis of your intranet statistics will provide you with key information on the length of time spent per visit and per page, and enable you to identify the levers you need to activate according to your priorities.

To diversify your content, here are a few suggestions for formats that will help you add value to your information and maximize its impact:

News and articles: Articles, whether short or in-depth, remain a powerful means of communication, particularly appreciated by 68% of employees, according to the results of the Arctus Observatory. However, avoid overly long formats, which are increasingly discouraging to readers.

Nevertheless, for every written production, take care of the presentation of your article and follow these few basic rules: integrate headings, sub-headings, use bold, italics and bulleted lists, colors, emojis, insert one or more images to make the content attractive and readable, especially for readers in a hurry.

Dynamic formats

intranet engagement contenu format vidéo
  • Videos: When it comes to dynamic formats, videos are unquestionably the most popular with employees (73% according to the Arctus Observatory).

They align perfectly with current social media trends, characterized by rapid content consumption. What's particularly interesting is that videos no longer need to be overly elaborate to be appreciated. On the contrary, it's the spontaneous, selfie-inspired format that's the most popular. In other words, authenticity, even with its imperfections, prevails.


Examples of effective uses of videos seen at our customers' sites and produced using a simple smartphone:

  • Site visit with commentator behind the camera
  • On-the-spot presentation of a team
  • A series of mini-documentaries on a company's key departments, highlighting the teams involved
  • Presentation of future strategy by the CEO, visiting several sites and answering questions from Business Unit managers...
intranet engagement contenu format
  • Carousels: This format allows information to be presented in a sequential, concise and visual way, making it easy to remember. 

It's a versatile format that can be used to present employee testimonials, internal survey results, company news, benefits, safety guidelines, upcoming events, explain processes, highlight key points and encourage employee interaction.

intranet engagement contenu format infographie

Infographics: Infographics are particularly well-suited to highlighting key information that needs to be captured quickly, or to presenting complex concepts such as processes, routes, survey results, etc., in a simple, educational and attractive way. Online tools, such as Canva, can help you create professional-quality infographics, adapted to your graphic universe.

intranet engagement contenu format podcast

Podcasts: Podcasts are all the rage... but to be listened to, their format and duration must be adapted to your audience's habits and working environment! Whether it's in-depth interviews with company leaders or testimonials from communities of interest, podcasts provide an exceptional dimension of sound and total proximity between interviewees and their audience. Before embarking on the production of a podcast, it's a good idea to go step by step, and above all to test your ideas with your target audience!


In short, to boost employee engagement via the intranet, diversify content formats! Opt for authentic communication, with structured articles, spontaneous videos, informative carousels, clear infographics and targeted, creative podcasts tailored to your audience. This variety of formats is the key to capturing your readers' attention and maximizing the impact of your internal communication.

Isabelle Houdaille<br><p id="mr-formation">Senior consultant</p>
Isabelle Houdaille

Senior consultant

Isabelle Houdaille is a consultant in internal digital transformation and a facilitator in collective dynamics. She is passionate about all topics related to employee experience, commitment, communication and service design.


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