We support your company on such varied subjects as internal communications, collaboration and innovation in tems of employee experience, over short and medium term missions. From the design phase to the implementation process, we cover every stage necessary to bring your projects to life.

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We analyze, in depth, your cultural and technological context in order to identify the levers necessary to transform your digital work environment.


  • Diagnosis of digital maturity: perception, uses, needs, risks and opportunities
  • Audit of existing systems: intranet, company social network, collaborative platform
  • Interviews and co-construction & projection workshops
  • Online survey and tailor-made study


We support you in your strategic thinking and we provide you with the essential keys to establish the roadmap and the action plan adapted to your digital project.


We work with your organization’s decision-makers to raise their awareness of the challenges of “digital working” and to support the operational choices made on the basis of concrete elements.


  • Roadmap and action plan
  • Exchanges and advice
  • Coaching and involvement in committees
  • Drafting of technical and functional specifications
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We help you define the new organization to be put in place to facilitate the deployment of digital uses and the related collaborative practices.


We build the system's governance together with you and involve internal players (managers, contributors, ambassadors, etc.)
to support the adoption, in the long run, of the new tools, and of the use of digital technology for teamwork.


  • Governance policy
  • Charter of use, editorial charter
  • Definition of KPIs
  • User support 


Constantly tuned to market and technology developments, we support you in your thinking and provide you with the essential keys to evaluate and select the tools and solutions that best match your needs.


Our experience of internal digital projects and our agnostic positioning allow us to recommend a selection of technical solutions without bias. We put you in contract with companies that have carried out projects similar to yours in order to benefit from their experience.


  • Benchmark of technological solutions
  • Organization of a call for tender
  • Customer experience feedback
  • inspiration book
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Intranet, collaborative platform, corporate social network, participative innovation platform… The implementation of a new technological solution requires flawless project management and technical supervision.

We support you in the implementation of your internal digital projects and put our expertise in project management at your service to bring your ambitions to life.

  • Project management support
  • Project owner support
  • Training of the Mastery of Use
  • Development of a Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Agile Project Management
  • Project Management Office (PMO)


We are committed to orchestrating change, giving the opportunity to act to all stakeholders of your project.


We place your users at the heart of our methodology, in a pragmatic and creative way, to guarantee long-term adoption.


  • Raising awareness and communicating to the various targets
  • Training and management of communities of ambassadors, contributors
  • Practical workshops and support program tackling various subjects : intranet management, communities management, web writing, project management, face-to-face or remote management.
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We like to understand the world we live in. Today's complex, unpredictable and changing context contributes to the transformations that the companies and public organizations that we support are going through.


Our Observatories, surveys and publications provide you with a state of the art and a prospective vision on the subjects that drive us.
We regularly take part in conferences and seminars to share our research…


  • Observatory of hybrid work and digital management
  • Intranet & digital working observatory
  • Tailor-made study and state of the art report