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Alexander Twose
Alexander Twose

24 April 2024

AI, often regarded as the most disruptive technology with the fastest development in the history of digitalization, is transforming numerous sectors of the economy, from healthcare to finance, retail, and logistics.Internal communication is not exempt from this revolution, particularly with the transformation of intranets.

Gradually, new functionalities are emerging within intranets, leveraging AI to redefine both user and contributor experiences.What are the usage families of Artificial Intelligence in intranets, and what functionalities are progressively being deployed by intranet CMS to enhance user and contributor experience? What are the usage families of Artificial Intelligence in intranets, and what functionalities are progressively being deployed by intranet CMS to enhance user and contributor experience?

Text Content Generation

  • Many intranets CMS now integrate features for generating textual content directly within the platform, simplifying the creation of articles or pages from a simple prompt. No more back-and-forth between different external platforms and tedious copy-pasting! With input fields integrated into the intranet's contribution forms, everything is done in one place.
  • These CMS also allow for the generation of specific content parts, such as catchy article titles or paragraph headers, to optimize the text structure and readability.

Content Rewriting

  • Generative AI incorporated into intranet CMS goes beyond simple content generation; it also enables content rewriting. Imagine yourself as an intranet contributor, overwhelmed by a deluge of information to communicate about a particularly complex internal project. AI will assist in simplifying and condensing the text, allowing your readers to quickly grasp the essential points.

  • Conversely, AI integrated into the intranet CMS can also enrich content, ideal when the material you've received is somewhat brief.

  • Finally, it can contribute to making content more inclusive by identifying and suggesting suitable terms and phrases.

Variation of Formats

  • It is also possible to automatically transform monotonous text content into dynamic blogs or lively presentations, or vice versa, switching from a detailed PowerPoint presentation to a concise textual article by choosing the appropriate format: news, blog post, or internal social network post—all with a single click, thanks to the AI incorporated into your CMS.

  • Automatically convert text to audio within your CMS, or, to go even further, let it automatically generate audio podcasts: imagine a communication team producing a weekly three-minute podcast, automated or semi-automated, based on the week's news!

  • Finally, optimize your textual content by converting it into captivating videos: turn your articles or news into engaging and immersive videos, without even having to leave the intranet CMS contribution interface.

Illustration Search

  • Some intranet CMS now integrate sophisticated image search features for contributors based on keywords and descriptions. Suppose you have a well-organized and categorized internal image library. In that case, AI software can leverage this information to help you find the perfect image to illustrate your article.

Content Management Assistance

  • Imagine this: you're writing an article for your intranet and want to check if similar content has already been published. The platform analyses your article and alerts you in case of duplication.

  • AI tools also simplify keyword management by automatically generating and assigning them to content, saving you valuable time.

  • Finally, some AI tools integrated into CMS utilize consultation and engagement statistics to recommend article topics aligned with users' interests, acting as an editorial advisor to the contributor.

Information Search Assistance

  • With AI integration within the intranet, information retrieval becomes more intuitive and efficient.

  • Unlike traditional full-text search engines, an AI-enhanced search engine analyses synonyms and the context of the query. For example, a search for "personnel management" will include terms like "human resource management," "personnel administration.

  • Another major innovation lies in the provided responses: rather than simply pointing to existing content and leaving the user to browse through it to find the answer to their question, AI is now able to generate direct responses. For example, if you ask, "what is our HR policy regarding maternity leave?" the tool will directly provide you with the key points to remember, with a link to the complete document for further details.

Personalization of User Experience

  • With AI, your intranet can suggest content based on your browsing history. For example, if you've read articles on a specific topic, AI can suggest other similar articles to deepen your understanding.

  • Furthermore, it can adapt the content format according to your preferences: if you prefer podcasts, AI can transform a relevant article into a podcast to cater to your preferred consumption mode.


AI is rapidly transforming intranet CMS, offering new features to enhance user and contributor experiences. However, we are just scratching the surface of AI possibilities in this field. The upcoming prospects promise to change the landscape of intranet communication and beyond. 

As we embark on this new era of AI-augmented communication, let's not forget the lessons from the Intranet Observatory, which shows that user satisfaction increases:

- with content variety: let's take advantage of AI to easily create content in various formats.

- through an expanded contributor base: let's leverage AI to open up the contributor network to professions by providing them with a tool that will produce quality content from their expert knowledge.

Alexander Twose
Alexander Twose

Alexander has over 20 years of experience leading digital projects on an international scale. Passionate about digital, Alexander coordinates complex projects involving multiple departments in the creation, adoption and operation of internal collaboration devices.


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