Your digital projects from conception to rollout

Our fields of action

We work within organizations in primarily the following areas:

  • Innovation

  • Collaborative actions

  • Internal communications

  • The digital revolution requires companies to transform themselves and innovate always faster. To get benefits of all the innovation potential of your employees, Arctus supports you to implement a participative innovation plan and to foster creativity.

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  • Collaborative practices are at the heart of the digital transformation of companies. Community managers training, participation to collaborative spaces, knowledge capitalization, best practices sharing, community management… Arctus provides you with support in the implementation of these practices to allow your organization to reap all its benefits.

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  • The implementation of collaborative tools and social network throughout companies amplifies horizontal and transversal communication flows. To support these evolutions, Arctus offers the audit of your current tools, writing training for the web or training seminar about the evolutions of communication jobs.

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Our services

Accompanying digital strategy

From the smallest to the largest company, we accompany you in defining your internal strategic requirements in relation to digital working issues We help you design your in-house digital system, integrating your processes, document management, data, HR IS, and your information, communication, and collaboration facilities is all part of our expertise. Our approach is based on a three-pronged process: technological, organizational, and managerial.

Change management and governance

The transformation cannot be deployed effectively without managing the change. We accompany you in designing the change management plan and assist you in your transformation: training, coaching community managers, contributors, and managers, etc. The governance of the system (organization, charters, KPIs, user support) that we accompany is just as vital for the system to function properly. Our ambition is to enable all your in-house players to develop their use of the internal web in an optimum way.

  • Humanis

    «L’objectif de demain, est de faire des usages collaboratifs un réflexe pour l’ensemble du groupe.»

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We listen to your organizations to assess their internal digital maturity: audit of existing systems (intranet, company social network, collaborative platform), survey or customized barometer conducted with employees about their use of digital tools for work and about their perception of digital tools, interviews, focus groups, workshops. We then provide a comprehensive report covering the strategic issues, expectations, uses, and priorities for action in the short, medium, and long terms.

Project management

We accompany you in deploying your in-house digital projects: intranet, collaborative platform, company social network, participative innovation platform, etc. Our project management expertise is at your service to help you realize your ambitions.


Customized, specific, generic, occasional or longer term – our trainers come to develop your staff’s skills on topics around internal digital transformation: uses of digital, running communities, manager 2.0, and so on. The subjects are varied and suited to your issues.

Conferences and seminars

We regularly take part in conferences and seminars in order to share our expertise in internal digital transformation and its impacts on organizations and management. Our work to adapt cultures to digital takes place at all levels in organizations: with Boards of Directors just as much as in seminars for staff and annual trade shows.

Monitoring and Benchmarking

We have our ear constantly to the ground in our environment so as to provide a state of the art and a predictive vision of the topics involved in internal digital transformation. We accompany you in selecting technical solutions, for all your in-house collaborative projects, through our familiarity with the players in the marketplace, our varied previous experience, and our neutral position, guaranteeing you recommendations that match your real needs as closely as possible.