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Isabelle Houdaille
Isabelle Houdaille

6 November 2023

Intranet engagement contributeur

We've started a series of three articles dedicated to corporate intranets, in which you'll discover practical solutions for optimizing your internal communications and gaining impact with your intranet.

As a reminder, this series will cover:

  • the organization and management of your intranet, placing content at the heart of your strategy
  • Choosing engaging content formats to capture your readers' attention
  • setting up an appropriate contributions model

In this 3rd article, we'll look at which contribution model is best suited to generating engagement.

Top-down communication: a model that no longer appeals

If format diversity is a way of capturing readers' attention (read the article here) , the diversity of subjects is no less so. That's why, le recours à des sources d’information et donc à un réseau de contributeurs variés est essentiel.


In other words, limiting yourself to "top-down" dissemination of information is not enough to mobilize all employees! So-called vertical communications, often perceived as disembodied, are no longer in vogue... even if, it's worth remembering, they are important and essential for setting benchmarks and reminding people of the strategic direction.


The2023 Intranet & digital communication observatory of Arctus clearly shows that employee satisfaction with the intranet is closely linked to the number of active contributors : 43% satisfied when all business lines contribute, compared with only 16% when contributions come exclusively from the Communications or HR departments.

Decentralized contribution = a lever for performance and satisfaction!

intranet engagement contribution observatoire

The decentralized contribution model makes it possible to create a more open and horizontal intranet, rooted in local specificities and businesses

This model nevertheless requiresto editorialize content intensively, energize a network of contributors and to implement appropriate governance


In conclusion, to increase the impact of your intranet, abandon the top-down communication model in favor of a decentralized approach !


The2023 Intranet & digital communication observatory of Arctus underlines the importance of a diversified contribution, with a significantly higher level of satisfaction when all professions are involved.
Are you ready to mobilize and energize your network of internal contributors ? Share these results and tell us all about it!

Isabelle Houdaille<br><p id="mr-formation">Senior consultant</p>
Isabelle Houdaille

Senior consultant

Isabelle Houdaille is a consultant in internal digital transformation and a facilitator in collective dynamics. She is passionate about all topics related to employee experience, commitment, communication and service design.


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